Why Hollow Knight is Worth a Shot Even if You suck at Platformers

Nikki W
2 min readJan 8, 2021

With many of us still stuck at home, the drive to search for quality games has intensified. While there are many new and exciting games coming right around the corner there are still some reputable old titles that deserve a look back. One of which is a story revolving around cute, yet deadly bugs.

Little Bug Big World

Hollow Knight is an action-adventure where you play as an unnamed beetle-like knight, and that's all the story you're given: at first. The reason why I fell in love with this game is the way you find the story through your own exploration. There isn't a bunch of exposition explaining why your there, who you are, or anything. You have to go out and explore the world yourself. The world-building in Hollow Knight is fantastic. From vastly different areas with their own atmospheric build-up, beautiful scenery, and new creatures for each section of the map. There is a large focus on wonder and discovery, plus the world is full of adorable bugs that sing, map out territories, and explore their own stories.

Through Fire and Flames

All of this led me to play this game that I was and still am pretty terrible at. Through all the deaths, mistaken button pressing, and unending frustration, I still enjoyed this masterpiece. As someone who has never gotten far in super meat boy, let me be the first to tell you, that shouldn't stop you from playing Hollow Knight. Yes, it is unforgiving, yes it can make you so mad you set it down for a bit, but it's beyond worth it. In time your muscle memory will help you out and the feeling of accomplishment in Hollow Knight is nearly unmatched. The reward system in this title will keep you coming back for more and challenging you to be a better platformer. From upgrading your weapon in meaningful ways to collecting charms to make enemies less challenging: Hollow Knight keeps you enraptured.

Perseverance In The Face Of Challenge

Let's face it, the hardships of this last year took a toll on us all, but no matter how small you are you have to keep fighting. So even when you think you suck at something, let Hollow Knight be the example that you really can do anything.