Nikki W
Oct 27, 2020


The Musings of Distraction

What kind of life am I living, that I distract myself from writing by writing?

As I typed messages to my friend, I wondered: shouldn’t I be doing my assignments? Sure, I’ve already written two yesterday, and two so far today, but I have two more to write after that. Then I have four more deadlines due by November 1st. One might say, I feel a bit disconnected being thrust into this life that I always wanted. Imposter syndrome is a real thing.

I’m also incredibly hungry, and yet the hunger pains have no bearing on my laziness or unwillingness (whichever you prefer, my dear reader) to simply shred some cheese for an impromptu taco bell cheese roll-up. Why do people pay Taco bell for them to warm up some pre-shredded cheese on a tortilla, yes it’s only $1, but why?

I could also muster up my courage and make some tuna, not much energy, but do I really want tuna and crackers? Isn’t that what people eat when they don’t have other options? Are there people out in the world that truly enjoy, nay, even crave tuna and crackers? Couldn’t be me. Those people and I, well let’s just say we have different tastes.

I am just going to leave you on a cliff hanger here. It's all experimental you see. Whether I chose to finish, or maybe add on to this musing, or just create more, I can't say for sure. For now, I would like to just leave this here.