Rediscovery in the World of Socially Distant Dating

Nikki W
Oct 29, 2020

Many people feel adrift and just along for the ride this year. Craving human interaction and the ever-present fear of exposure to COVID has left a lot of lonely hearts to wander alone unwillingly. This unnecessary mental stress can be avoided and the anxiety doesn’t have to consume you; the sun hasn’t set on the dating world, not yet.

Looking forward is never easy, but it is the first step, and you have to take that leap eventually. The world may have changed in a heartbeat, but challenges like these, are meant to be overcome. People are finding new and creative ways to date in this climate, and while many places are closed, others have found ways to change and remain. There’s a strange side effect of the virus that has created levels of intimacy in new spaces.

For instance, some escape rooms are still open. Pre pandemic, you would get lumped in with strangers to solve a mystery, but now with capacity restrictions and distancing regulations, it can be a close personal experience. Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery and the adrenaline of discovery on a date?

Without all the distractions, we’ve all collectively been forced into a moment of stillness. Thus the dating pool has never been deeper and more wanting. Even if you’re hesitant to dip your fit in, there is no harm in trying. It’s a brand new exciting world out there, and there is someone on the other side willing to share it with you.